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Accelerated Capital Allowance
For EV Chargers

The Accelerated Capital Allowance Tax Incentive (ACA) promotes the investment in energy saving products and equipment. Businesses can avail of the ACA tax incentive if they are in possession of any qualifying energy efficient equipment, such as Electric Vehicle Chargers.


The ACA allows businesses to deduct the full cost of this equipment from their profits in the year of purchase. This means that the reduction in tax paid by the company for that year is currently 12.5% of the value of capital expenditure. Correct at the time of publishing, please note ePower are not financial advisors.


With an increase in Electric and Hybrid Vehicle sales, now is a great time for businesses to avail of this tax incentive and invest in EV Charging Points. Get in touch today with any queries on this incentive, we are always happy to help. 

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