Electric Car Chargers for Hotels

The number of electric vehicle (EV) drivers has grown exponentially in the last five years and so have the number of EV charge points. EVs opens up a brand new and exciting opportunity for businesses. 


In the UK, in 2013 there were around 3,500 plug-in cars on the road, this number is now over 180,000.  In Ireland we are on a very similar trend. In 2014 there were just 305 plug-in cars on the road this number has now grown to almost 10,000 with record sales expected for 2020. 


Many hotels are starting to incorporate EV charging facilities into their overall package for the reasons listed below.  

2. Attract a new target market

For electric vehicle (EV) drivers it is as simple this: if the hotel does not have a charge point it is not a hotel that they can consider staying in.  It does not matter how good the beds are or how nice the food is!

1. Increase your hotel’s visibility 

Booking websites such as tripadvisor.com, booking.com, hotels.com and kayak.com have all recently added an electric vehicle charging filter as they've seen in huge increase in search trends – make sure that your hotel is not missed by ignoring those filters. 

3. Create a new revenue stream

ePower's integrated Back Office Billing System enables the business to recover the cost of power supply directly from the consumer.  Hotels can decide to monetize their EV Chargers by time or by energy unit consumed at their own price. This gives you the flexibility to offer the correct service for your hotel whether it be giving the power away for free, providing it at cost recovery or adding a margin towards the initial capital expenditure.

4. Meet your CSR objectives in a way that benefits everybody

Climate issues dominate our social and political discourse and for good reason.   Businesses are under increasing pressure to show that they are taking care to reduce their carbon footprint and promote environmental awareness.  Installing EV charging facilities is an excellent way of addressing these issues in a way which has real benefits for the business, the customers & employees and the local population in general.

Want to know more?

If you need any help installing or managing electric car charging points at your hotel, we can help.