Electric Car Charging Stations for Companies

ePower provide expert services from advice and design to fully managed turnkey solutions for Electric Vehicle Charging points. 

Whether you are a site owner, building manager, developer... ePower will provide the support you need.


We offer tailored Billing Solutions to EV chargers to suit your specific needs along with  24 hr Local Customer Service.

Recent Installs Include:

EV Chargers for
EV Chargers for
EV Chargers for HOSPITALS
EV Chargers for FLEET
EV Chargers for WORKPLACE


100% Year 1 Accelerated Capital Allowances (ACA) are available toward the purchase price of company Electric Vehicle and Electric Vehicle Charging stations and the installation of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.  

Save money on the vehicle, the charging points and the cost of running your vehicles.  There are huge tax advantages for businesses that adopt Electric Vehicles and charging points, ask your accountant as It really is a no brainer! 

Terms and conditions and more information here.

See what our customers are saying

“The intelligence put into the unit is really good. With the charger, which came with the car, the charging used to stop when the  cooker or shower was on. Now, the charging continues safely without any interruption as the unit automatically adjusts the appropriate  level of power when multiple devices are on in the house.

I think this charging unit deserves every penny I spent for it, like the car itself ;).”

 Ali, Cork

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