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Electric Car Chargers Dublin

Are you planning to install an electric car charger at home or in your office? You’ve come to the right place!

We supply and install high-quality EV charging units. We have charging solutions for residential and commercial establishments. With our wide selection of products, you would surely find a device that meets your requirements.

Dublin’s Leading Supplier of Electric Car Chargers

In Dublin and all across Ireland, ePower is the preferred supplier of home and business EV chargers.

Why buy your chargers from us?

Premium Quality

We pride ourselves in providing top of the line electric car chargers which are manufactured by top manufacturers of EV charging devices.

Our home and commercial charging units are reliable and durable. These chargers are weatherproof, designed to withstand Ireland’s notoriously unpredictable weather.

They are tested and certified to be safe. So, you do not have to worry about fire and other related hazards when you plug your car.

Furthermore, these fast EV chargers feature impeccable design and cutting-edge technology. They are user-friendly and compatible with all brands of electric cars.

Low Cost

We understand that price is an important consideration for most people. ePower offers low-cost EV charging units that are not like other cheap chargers in the market which are unreliable, unsafe and easily damaged.

We guarantee that our affordable EV chargers are not substandard. They are of superior quality – safety certified, equipped with helpful features and made to last many years.

Wide Range of Choices

Tethered or untethered? Type 1 or Type 2? Whatever kind of charger you need, be it for your home, workplace, apartment complex or hotel – we have it!

We have chargers with basic features as well as devices equipped with advanced technology like WIFI, RFID and energy saving features.

Just let us know what your requirements are, and we will help you pick the charger that fits your needs and budget.

ePower – The Trusted Installer of Electric Car Chargers in Dublin

We do not just sell EV charging solutions. We also install them!

Expert EV Charger Installers

We have a team of RECI-certified electricians who can do the job quickly and properly. They are experienced and trained in installing EV chargers in residential and commercial buildings.

With our expert installers, you are assured that the right steps are taken to ensure that the installation complies with technical requirements and government regulations. Moreover, you can rely on them to provide excellent recommendations so you can mitigate costs.

Great Customer Service

Expect nothing but first-rate customer service from our team – our sales specialists, installers and customer service representatives.

We are committed to making the process of getting an EV charger installed on your property as hassle-free as can be, from choosing the right charger to troubleshooting issues on your device.

Our team is available 24/7 to answer all your queries! All you need to do is call our hotline or send us an email.

We know that choosing a charger can be challenging, especially for first-time buyers. So, we’ve endeavoured to make things easier by providing professional service from start to finish.

Electric car chargers from the best manufacturer, expert installation and excellent customer support – all these you get when you choose ePower.

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