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Garo LS4

The LS4 charger is designed for outdoor, parking lots and on-street EV charging. The post can be securely and safely mounted on the ground surface with our Ground Mounting Kit.



    Commercial Charging Solutions

    With their intelligent software, our public charging solutions are easy to manage and makes efficient use of energy. They are designed to suit your needs, from workplace and hospitality to fleet management and more.

    Built to last

    An attractive purchase price combined with extensive warranties, easy installation and low maintenance costs. GARO’s LS4 public charging station is manufactured chiefly with aluminum to meet the tough requirements set for charging stations installed in public places; it fulfills IK10 requirements


    It is simply plug in and play. In the basic version, you just plug your car in. For versions equipped with RFID readers, you just flash your card and you are set to go.

    System Integration

    The LS4 can be equipped with communication capabilities that use mobile 3G or LAN networks. A back-office service can be accessed through a built-in RFID reader and/or a mobile application. This enables services, such as billing and monitoring the charging station.


    The charging station is equipped with two type 2 EV outlets positioned in a weather- and wind-proof illuminated recess.The charging station is available in versions from 3.7-22kW, with or without an energy meter. The charging station has separate fuses and circuit breakers for each outlet. All versions are equipped with DC protection, either with type B breakers or DC fault current monitoring. The LS4 chargers complies with Standard: IEC EC 6364.

    Main features

    • Mode 3 communication
    • Wall or ground mounted, tall or compact version
    • Easy installation
    • compatible with all brands of electric vehicles


    • Local load balance
    • RFID reader
    • 3G or LAN communication through OCPP 1,6
    • Intergrated with back office
    • Cold option – Temperature controlled heater



    LS4s installation is subject to a review process by our team and suitable instalation or delivary will be arranged.