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Wind Power Generation

The Wind Tree

Composed of 3 steel trunks that bifurcate into smaller branches on which the 36 leaf-shaped wind turbines are attached.


The Wind Tree can exploit all types of wind, from gentle breezes to powerful gusts of wind in both urban and rural environments.


Ideal for communities and businesses alike, the Wind Tree is an asset that produces green energy while respecting aesthetics and urban development strategies.


Assemble your tree by selecting the colours of the leaves and trunk.

Finally add the additional options you would like to include.


LED lights

Charging port

Air-purifying leaves

USB bench

POWER: 10.8 kW

Just One Wind Tree Is Equivalent To...


15 Street lights (100 Watts LED)


16,364 km for an electric vehicle


Provide lighting for 71 parking spaces or 15 Street lights (100 Watts LED)


100m 2 of office space if the space has a low energy consumption (20kWh/m2)

Designed And Installed By Experts...

Wind Tree Form
Find Out More About Wind Trees...

View some examples of the Wind Tree installed at different locations.

Planting 1 Wind Tree amounts to saving the equivalent of 864 kg of coal or 615 litres of petrol fuel per year

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