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Electric Car Chargers

At ePower we’re dedicated to powering the world with convenient,
efficient, and reliable charging solutions.

Whether you’re an electric vehicle owner seeking the latest in EV charging technology, a business looking to offer EV charging to your employees or you’re looking to partner with us as your Public charge point operator, you’ve come to the right place. 

Our Mission

ePowers mission is to serve the Irish public in enabling the move to zero carbon transportation.

We are committed to providing the best quality products and unparalleled service at the forefront of EV charging technology.


We are aware of how busy life can get so we ensure you get an EV charger that is the most convenient for your home or business.


There is a common misconception about the expense involved with making the transition to electric however we offer a large range of affordable electric vehicle chargers for you to choose from.


We understand the importance of reliability. All of our EV chargers, cables and accessories come with a two year warranty for an additional piece of mind.

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