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Apartment EV Charging

Do you manage apartments, duplex or mixed use multi dwelling properties?

There are now grants available from the SEAI which cover up to 90% of the cost of installing electric vehicle chargers in your public car parking areas.

The breakdown of the grant available is:

60% if you are an owner of an existing build to rent scheme;

80% if you own, manage or are an owner management committee of an existing private scheme;

90% if its local authority scheme or an official housing association.

In addition, you also get an extra €600 towards the cost of each charger installed.

Apt Charging .png

The costs of providing a fully managed charging network in a public car park is generally more expensive than a single domestic charger, as they are commercial grade smart chargers, have lots of cabling, internet connectivity and a managed billing system involved. Hence why the SEAI have made such grant attractive funding available to support property managers to proceed.


At ePower, we already provide EV Charging solutions for apartments, management companies, local authorities, hotels and landlords so that they can offer reliable charging facilities for anyone driving a plug in EV. We offer expert services from advice, design and supply, to installation and ongoing charger management, maintenance or monetisation if required. We take the pain out of EV charging, as we maintain the chargers and fully manage the billing directly with the end users on your behalf, in our capacity as a SEAI approved Charge Point Operator (CPO).

These Apartment Charging Grants are now available to owners’ management companies (OMC’s), commercial and private landlords, housing bodies, and local authorities across the country. The grant covers up to 90% of the cost of the electrics and civil works required, plus you get an additional €600 contribution towards the cost of each charger on top, with a maximum grant available per complex of €100,000 available. The grants have been specifically designed to be attractive to people living in a development where parking outside your own front door isn’t possible. Although referred to as apartment grants, they are not restricted exclusively for apartments.

With our 24-hour local customer service, our clients have an experienced technical support team to troubleshoot any charger technicalities or queries if they arise. ePower are partnered with some of the largest electrical contractors in Ireland and our backend platform already supports thousands of completed installations nationwide. 

If you are on an OMC, property management team, local authority, housing association or manage the assets of a build to let development, and would like to chat with us about our turnkey services, then please contact us here and we will be back in touch with you.

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