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Easy installation

3 Snaps and a Chat – that’s all we need to get your quote

to you and book your installation.


The 3 snaps

Share a photo of:

  1. Your ESB METER (cover open)
  2. Your fuseboard (cover open)
  3. Your preferred location for your charger


The Grants

We can also advise on grant application and we can even apply on your behalf.


The Chat

A call with our of our experts will guide you through the process in 15 minutes.

We only work with the best

Safe Electric Registered Electricians

An ePower approved and Safe Electric Approved Installer will make contact within 48hrs of first contact to organise a house visit at your convenience. If a site survey is required, we will arrange for one of our installers to carry out the visit.

Smooth process with ePower

Time efficient installation

Our installations take a maximum of three hours. Within that there is a 45 minute safety window where the electricity is turned off at the mains. We aim to work with you and your timetable to make the process as smooth as possible.

Get in touch

Join us on the road to clean mobility. Speak to an EV charging expert today.

Fill out the form and one of our team will contact you within 24hrs or simply mail us at info@epower.ie

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