How Much Will Charging Your EV Cost
How Much Will Charging Your EV Cost?

How Much Will Charging Your EV Cost

As a part of the Climate Action Plan. The government plans to have over 900 000 vehicles on Irish roads by 2030. This means replacing around a third of current vehicles with their electric counterparts. The great thing about this plan is that it is slowly but surely working.

According to the research from 2019 by the Central Statistics Office, slightly above 71% of Irish are looking to buy an electric vehicle because they are concerned about the environment. But the same research showed that 65.7% are considering buying an EV, but their main deciding factor is the price.

The EV Costs You Can Expect

How Much Will Charging Your EV Cost?

Besides the costs of charging an electric car, which we will cover in a second, there are many other costs that you need to know about before buying. That CSO research reported that the purchase price is the main influencing factor when buying an electric vehicle.

EV Purchase Price

A common misconception is that electric vehicles are much more expensive than petrol or diesel cars. In reality, they are only 15% – 20% more expensive. While that still means a higher price, there are government incentives that bring the price down considerably.

For example, Nissan Leaf and Hyundai Kona were the most popular electric vehicles in Ireland in 2019. Nissan Leaf could be found for around 30 000€, and Kona for 38 000€. While you can find a diesel vehicle for a lower price, the cost of charging your EV is much lower than diesel fuel, not to mention petrol.

Finally, motor tax for electric vehicles is the lowest possible, only 120€ a year. You can also count on lower servicing costs.

SEAI Grants

For vehicles with a price over 20 000€, you can get a 5000€ reduction with the SEAI grant. You can also count on a 500€ grant to help you with the installation and costs of an EV home charger.

The Cost of Charging Your Electric Car

If you were to drive 16 000km in a year with a Nissan Leaf with a 40Kwh battery, based on the nighttime price of electricity, it would cost you a little less than 250€ in electricity.

According to the Central Statistics Office, the most popular car in Ireland is Toyota Corolla. A new Corolla needs 4.5 litres of fuel for every 100 km. On average, petrol costs 1.3€ per litre. This makes the cost a little more than 900€.

In conclusion, the cost of charging your electric car is much cheaper than a petrol-based vehicle.

To get the most out of your electricity, you should charge your EV during the night rates. And the best way to do so is with a home EV charger. If you have any questions about the installation process, grants, prices, or electric vehicles in general, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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