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Suggest A Location 

Do you know of certain areas in your locality that desperately need to

have DC fast electric vehicle charging infrastructure? Let us know

the location below because at ePower, we are EV drivers too.

We feel your pain and we want to be part of the solution.


As a thank you, for any new suggested location that ends up with

ePower Public DC Fast Charging, we will donate €250 to any Irish registered local charity of your choice.

FREE DC Charger (6).png

Submit the form below to suggest a new charger location.

Thanks for submitting!


  • Suggestions must be received by 22nd August 2023.

  • To be eligible for the charitable donation, ePower DC Fast Charging must be installed at the proposed location before 30th of June 2024.

  • AC Charging does not qualify.

  • ePower will assess each proposed location for suitability and viability. ePower cannot guarantee a charger will be installed in the suggested location.

  • Locations suggestions are limited to a maximum of three locations per Proposer.

  • This is a local community initiative. Therefore, the Proposer must live within a 50km radius of the proposed location.

  • Locations already identified and under consideration by ePower do not qualify for the charitable donation.

  • Where the same location is suggested by multiple Proposers, the donation will be awarded to the charity nominated by the  Proposer who first suggested the location.

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